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All you need is love at mahim, thanks to the wall projectA few months ago a couple of artists got together to paint a wall in an old East Indian village in Bandra, seeing this more artists joined in and painted a few more walls.

These bunch of artists started "The Wall Project" and they periodically group up to transform a boring space into a conversation piece, not just limited to the queen of suburbs but spots all over Mumbai seem to come to life with colors.

Today the wall project has grown big, comprising not only artists but anyone who is willing to take up the brush to freshen up the dull walls around the city and add a dash of colour to it. The wall project recently got permission from the BMC to add life to the wall stretching 2.7km long from Mahim to Matunga along Tulsi pipe ride.
I love mumbai on the tulsi pipe road
The best part is the youth of the city get the freedom to express themselves as well as pass on positive messages to society through art. Lets take a look at some of the creatives at Tulsi Pipe Road.

Painting at tulsi pipe road
Movie poster on the paintingsUnfortunately some of the art has already been covered up by movie posters and advertisements. Its kind of sad to see hard work and meaningful messages going to waste like this.

But hopefully this can be tackled by more people joining the wall project and paint more walls across the city.

You can join the wall project facebook group and stay in touch to get details of their next painting project.


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