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Mother and Child Glass SculptureWe talk about recycling, some people take advantage of this recycling chain to make their living, in Mumbai we have the raddi wallas who we sell our old newspapers, bottles of beer etc.

The seller earns some money while the material is most likely going to end up at Dharavi that recycles 80% of Mumbais waste. But there are innovators in every field, would you pay Rs. 25,000 for a couple of used beer bottles, you may end up doing so if you appreciate art.

We visited Ralli Jacob's exhibition at the Ronak art gallery in Juhu, where he displayed his creation with used bottles.

The Couple made from Old BottlesRalli uses his own Klin to heat bottles and then play with them by stretching and compressing parts to make his living selling these old bottles that are transformed into pieces of art that are colored to give them life.

Sculptures from old lehar 7 up bottlesWe spent a good amount of time at this exhibition that was rather small but Ralli was quite interesting, not just talking about the process the bottles undergo but his thoughts on life and God.

Its surprising, even with the current market scenario, recession Ralli found a 10% increase in his sales as compared to his show held the previous year.

That's a good growth in the market, considering each glass sculpture starts from around Rs. 5000 and can go all the way beyond Rs. 25,000. Ralli din't want to give away all his secrets of his art, though he let us know that the bottles are stained with color before they are added to the fire.

His success rate is quite high as well, in a batch of 10 to 15 the bottles one bottle goes to waste. The artist usually has a concept that he has embedded in his thoughts prior to starting off with a bottle.

But one of his masterpieces that costs the most, is where he went with the flow of the bottle the shape it took rather than a preconceived design, this ended up being a very twisted sculpture.

Lets hear what the glass sculptor has to say,

Elongated bottle necksJacob finds it interesting to receive bottles from around the world that come with different base colours as it becomes fun to work with and you get some interesting finished products.

We hope to visit Ralli Jacob in Alibaug one day perhaps and record a video of him in action.


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