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The Monsoon is a pleasant season, beautiful skies filled with colour, fresh green trees and plants that get a wash, less pollution in the air, the sweet aroma of wet mud and the blossoms of love in the air. But like every thing in life the pros and cons come together, with the beauty of the monsoons disease is the beast. Malaria Life Cycle Leptospirosis, Dengue and Malaria outbreaks are common in the rains, due to the garbage and stagnant water around the place. To top it all corrupt governance adds the nail to the coffin, this year though the Malaria menace has gotten out of control.

34 people have died in Mumbai in this month August 2008, with over 14,000 hospitalized since June when the monsoons started, in the last three weeks, more than 3,663 people have been admitted to various civic hospitals because of malaria.

Vehicle Mounted New Fogging MachinesDr J Thanekar, civic executive health officer, who found around 100 mosquito breeding spots in the F South and North wards during a Saturday morning survey said, "We are a bit worried about malaria, this is because there is water stagnation at most construction sites there."

While the BMC blames the constructions that are helping propagate Malaria, it has been rumoured that the BMC has eaten away the money that they receive every year to fogs areas with mosquito repellent smoke canisters. But to make it even more interesting is the Mumbai civic standing committee recently approved the purchase of 175 German made fogging machines as part of its anti-malaria efforts.

A particular contractor had supplied two similar machines in 2006 for Rs 73,000 each This year as well the requirement specifications of the foggers were only met by the same contractor while a BJP corporator Yogesh Sagar states that similar fogging machines were being manufactured in Malad and were available for Rs 23,000 each.
Foggin in Mumbai


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