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Drinking Water Woes of Mumbai

Posted by Bhavika

Man collecting dead fishMumbai, the financial capital of the country, is in a bad situation. Due to scanty rainfall this season the city is facing 15% water shortage for the first time in 16 years. To add to the grim situation, Bhatsa lake, which supplies 60% of water to Mumbai, is contaminated and unfit for drinking.

Early this month thousands of kilograms of dead fish were found in Bhatsa river, which is 86 km away from Mumbai in Thane district. The reason for the death - presence of 89mg of oil and grease per litre in the water - when the permissible limit is 10 mg.

When the water was sampled by the fisheries department said that the gills of the fish were clogged because of the consumption of oil effluents present in the water body. This is the second consecutive year that fish have died in Bhatsa. Check out the video of thousands of fish floating in the catchment area.

Locals of Thane district believe that oil companies release their chemical wastes during the rainy season when there is a heavy flow of water. On the other hand, the municipal corporation of Mumbai thinks that the water is safe for consumption and the locals have no reason to panic.

E. Coli Bacteria Found in the Water

E Coli BacteriaWe all know for a fact that the drinking water in Mumbai is not safe for consumption. If not the chemical waste, the pipelines that carry the water to various parts of the city are old and rusty. Recently, E. coli bacteria was detected in drinking water at eight locations in Mumbai including Parel, Byculla, Colaba, Walkeshwar, Goregaon, Juhu etc.

These water samples were tested by BMC, who have received more than 123 complaints of water contamination in 14 days from South Mumbai. E. Coli causes gastroenteritis, cholera infection and diarrhoea, and in the rains since pipelines can easily develop cracks, chances of sewage water mixing with drinking water is quite high.


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